Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Images Within An Image

Copyright © 2011 Stefan Van den Bergh

Not exactly related to my media product, but I saw this image and absolutely fell in love with it.

The thought of creating multiple images all hidden within one larger, core image is remarkable. Taking this one as my example, it is a beautiful landscape setting showing mountains, rivers, waterfalls, fields and sky as the core image. But hidden in and amongst the scene are a number of animal faces representing another feature of that core image.

The human face is a predominant land feature in the foreground - you can recognise it from the eye, nose and mouth features proportionately arranged along its length. Cliff-faces are made up of monkey / baboon / gorilla heads - again, made clear by the distinct eyes / nose / mouth features of those animals carved into the mountain walls.

I also see an area of land at the bottom shaped like a bird's head, a rock in the water shaped like a frog, and even clouds in the sky shaped like fish and - I think - a wolf. There even seems to be a section of forest / greenland shaped like a teddy-bear, as well as crocodile features and even something carved into a rock that looks like a dragon's head...

I was toying with the idea of making another version and highlighting all the sections of animals I could make out. But when I started, I realised every section represents an animal, and so it would have resulted in the whole image being highlighted making it less obvious to see the details of each animal. Therefore, I shall leave you to explore it at your own leisure, and consider the characters you can make out. You can see a slightly larger version here.

For me, this is visual communication at it's best. The image is communicating so much about our planet through a very unusual medium; by integrating the animal kingdom into the geographical features of the landscape.

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